Modeling Co-simulation: A First Experiment


Model-Based Systems Engineering plays a key role in managing the complexity in the development of modern cyber-physical systems. Model simulation allows conducting early validation and verification activities. In the context of Extended Enterprises, systems are built out of components developed in different companies as black boxes to protect the company Intellectual Property. Simulation activities then rely on co-simulation that combines the black box simulation of each component to assess the quality of the whole system. Such activities are difficult to harness as the simulation results depend on black box cosimulation frameworks that coordinate the simulations of each component. Our work targets the modeling of these simulations including the co-simulation framework in order to: a) make explicit all the simulation choices and have a better understanding of the simulation results and b) benefit from model-driven engineering facilities including automatic code generation. This contribution describes an early experiment based on the classical bouncing ball game example.

International Workshop On the Globalization of Modeling Languages (GEMOC 2017), Austin, Texas