A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Model-Driven Engineering for Data-Centric Systems

Comparing and classifying model transformation reuse approaches across metamodels

Toward model-driven sustainability evaluation

AutoReq: expressing and verifying requirements for control systems

The considerable effort of writing requirements is only worthwhile if the result meets two conditions: the requirements reflect stakeholders' needs, and the implementation satisfies them. In usual approaches, the use of different notations for …

On the Use of Models for High-Performance Scientific Computing Applications: an Experience Report

This paper reports on a four-year project that aims to raise the abstraction level through the use of model-driven engineering (MDE) techniques in the development of scientific applications relying on high-performance computing. The development and …

A contract-based method to specify stimulus-response requirements

A number of formal methods exist for capturing stimulus-response requirements in a declarative form. Someone yet needs to translate the resulting declarative statements into imperative programs. The present article describes a method for …